E.MiLacE.MiLac Easy Soak Off Misty Pink #045, 9ml

E.MiLac Easy Soak Off Misty Pink #045, 9ml

Natural beauty of healthy nails. Three new natural camouflages will become ideal base for French manicure or design and highlight natural beauty of nails.
Economic consumption. Due to well-balanced texture the camouflages are easily applied in a thin layer and do not overcharge a nail plate. Nails look very strong and healthy.
Gold reserve of a demanded nail designer. Due to a wide range of camouflage tones, a nail designer will be able to choose an ideal tone matching the client’s skin. Semi-transparent colours tint tenderly and give nails a natural tone and hide perfectly unevenness and drawbacks of a nail plate.
Legendary classic. French-manicure is ideal decision for a stylish lady and a serious business woman or E.Mi-manicure for all cases of life.

E.MiLac Easy Soak Off Misty Pink #045, 9ml