Basic CollectionUltra Strong NP Candy Pink #022, 6 ml

Ultra Strong NP Candy Pink #022, 6 ml

E.MiLac Gel Effect, 6 ml
E.MiLac Gel Effect in New Volume – 6 ml!
•    Convenient volume. An optimal volume allows you to try and take full advantage of different colors.
•    Palette of possibilities. The renovated 6 ml volume will maximally expand the color palette of the ultra-trendy shades of E.MiLac Gel Effect.
•    Perfect durability. A flawless, long-lasting manicure without chips and micro cracks lasts 10 days thanks to the everlasting shine system that is activated by the sunlight.
•    Perfect gloss. The unique formula of this nail polish allows you to get a superb gel ultra-gloss effect in 10 minutes without using a lamp.

Ultra Strong NP Candy Pink #022, 6 ml